Blog Post #10 : Promotional Video Project [UW Chinese Minor Program]

The last project for the Online Journalism class was to make promotional video for an event. The event that I and McKay covered was the Chinese language program at the University of Wyoming. This promotional video that we made for this project mainly covered how the Chinese Minor program in the University of Wyoming (UW) is organized and how helpful it is. 

Since I heard about the information of the Chinese Minor program in the UW already from the Chinese professor several times during her class, I was glad to share this useful information with other UW students through making promotional video. I really enjoyed interviewing the professor and the students who are planning to minor in Chinese language. I did several casual non-recorded interviews with the students who are taking Chinese language class, but I only chose one student to interview because I was worried about managing the length of the video. Other than that, I really enjoyed the whole process of collecting clips for the video. It was really interesting and surprising to listen to the American students who are looking for job opportunities outside of the states.

However, since I and McKay both were not familiar with the video editing program, Adobe Premier Pro, we had a hard time to edit the video. Because I have some experience of editing video through Window Movie Maker, I thought the editing part would be the most fun part of this project. However, since it was difficult to manipulate the program, I think it really did not turn out perfectly as I planned. Also, since the professor we interviewed was not a native speaker, she tried not to make mistakes on her sentences. Therefore, the silence blanks between word to word were difficult for us to edit the video. It was hard for us to make the professor’s speaking sounds natural and connected even after our cutting out of unnecessary silence between the words.

I was surprised again that the interview itself can give some kind of pressure to the interviewee. That is, since the professor was so confidence with the information about the Chinese program at the UW, I did not think she could be nervous during the interview. However, I realized while I was editing the video that she was little bit nervous while she was being interviewed.

Furthermore, since the class activities are limited, so the angles for the class itself was limited too. It was difficult for me to find the creative or new camera angles to capture the class lecture and activities by the students. I wish I could have found some more active class scenes to involve them into our project. Also, I wish I could have shot the record in other different angles.

Through this project, I really enjoyed the whole process of working on this project; outlining how the project would look like, collecting interviews and B-rolls, editing the video. I hope I could have more experience of video related jobs. I would like to learn more about the video editing programs other than Window Movie Maker or Adobe Premiere Pro.


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