Blog Post #9 : Sports Event Live Tweet

For the live tweeting assignment, I went to the basketball game between the University of Wyoming and the Western State Colorado University. It was on November 11th at the Arena Auditorium. It was the first game of this season for the UW Cowboys. The game was full of the UW students and Laramie residents to watch and cheer the UW team. The UW led the length of the game which resulting in the Cowboys doubling the score of Western State. The final score was 88 to 49.

I really love going and watching basketball games, and I really enjoyed the event itself. However, it was difficult for me to watch and enjoy the game, and at the same time live tweet the game. I really enjoyed paying attention to the game to find out valuable moment to tweet. However, at the same time, since a sports event is unpredictable, it was difficult to capture the right moment that I wanted to report. For example, there was a player who fell down to the ground because of opposite player’s foul, I could not record the video or take pictures of the moment because it already happened after I tried to take pictures or video of the moment. Also, I did not enjoy the fact that I need to be formal on social network. Since on my personal SNS accounts I write posts more casually, so it was strange for me to write posts in formal way. Also, since I knew that I would make grammar mistakes, I kept reading the tweets before uploading them. Furthermore, I found out that editing is not allowed for the tweets, I was upset. Because I wanted to write down the facts quickly first and then edit my errors.

I learned that writing posts on SNS is not an easy task. Since social networking is part of our lives nowadays, I thought managing and writing on it would be an easy task for workers in the field. However, after I finish this assignment, I realized that it is difficult to be a writer using third-person writing when you need to write about something that relates to you. Even though I tried my best keep writing in the third-person and have objectivity in my tweets, I noticed that my tweets are mostly about how the UW players did during the game while I was reading the posts. I wish I could be more objective toward reporting, and be more third-person to report the game.

Through this assignment, I figured out some good and bad things about Twitter. Even though I was upset that I cannot edit the post once I upload them, I found out that Twitter is useful for short, simple but important messages. Since the limitation on words counts, I tended and tried to write necessary things for the post. For my future usage of social networking will practice being simple and short, but at the same time, informative.


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