Blog Post #10 : Promotional Video Project [UW Chinese Minor Program]

The last project for the Online Journalism class was to make promotional video for an event. The event that I and McKay covered was the Chinese language program at the University of Wyoming. This promotional video that we made for this project mainly covered how the Chinese Minor program in the University of Wyoming (UW) is organized and how helpful it is. 

Since I heard about the information of the Chinese Minor program in the UW already from the Chinese professor several times during her class, I was glad to share this useful information with other UW students through making promotional video. I really enjoyed interviewing the professor and the students who are planning to minor in Chinese language. I did several casual non-recorded interviews with the students who are taking Chinese language class, but I only chose one student to interview because I was worried about managing the length of the video. Other than that, I really enjoyed the whole process of collecting clips for the video. It was really interesting and surprising to listen to the American students who are looking for job opportunities outside of the states.

However, since I and McKay both were not familiar with the video editing program, Adobe Premier Pro, we had a hard time to edit the video. Because I have some experience of editing video through Window Movie Maker, I thought the editing part would be the most fun part of this project. However, since it was difficult to manipulate the program, I think it really did not turn out perfectly as I planned. Also, since the professor we interviewed was not a native speaker, she tried not to make mistakes on her sentences. Therefore, the silence blanks between word to word were difficult for us to edit the video. It was hard for us to make the professor’s speaking sounds natural and connected even after our cutting out of unnecessary silence between the words.

I was surprised again that the interview itself can give some kind of pressure to the interviewee. That is, since the professor was so confidence with the information about the Chinese program at the UW, I did not think she could be nervous during the interview. However, I realized while I was editing the video that she was little bit nervous while she was being interviewed.

Furthermore, since the class activities are limited, so the angles for the class itself was limited too. It was difficult for me to find the creative or new camera angles to capture the class lecture and activities by the students. I wish I could have found some more active class scenes to involve them into our project. Also, I wish I could have shot the record in other different angles.

Through this project, I really enjoyed the whole process of working on this project; outlining how the project would look like, collecting interviews and B-rolls, editing the video. I hope I could have more experience of video related jobs. I would like to learn more about the video editing programs other than Window Movie Maker or Adobe Premiere Pro.

Blog Post #9 : Sports Event Live Tweet

For the live tweeting assignment, I went to the basketball game between the University of Wyoming and the Western State Colorado University. It was on November 11th at the Arena Auditorium. It was the first game of this season for the UW Cowboys. The game was full of the UW students and Laramie residents to watch and cheer the UW team. The UW led the length of the game which resulting in the Cowboys doubling the score of Western State. The final score was 88 to 49.

I really love going and watching basketball games, and I really enjoyed the event itself. However, it was difficult for me to watch and enjoy the game, and at the same time live tweet the game. I really enjoyed paying attention to the game to find out valuable moment to tweet. However, at the same time, since a sports event is unpredictable, it was difficult to capture the right moment that I wanted to report. For example, there was a player who fell down to the ground because of opposite player’s foul, I could not record the video or take pictures of the moment because it already happened after I tried to take pictures or video of the moment. Also, I did not enjoy the fact that I need to be formal on social network. Since on my personal SNS accounts I write posts more casually, so it was strange for me to write posts in formal way. Also, since I knew that I would make grammar mistakes, I kept reading the tweets before uploading them. Furthermore, I found out that editing is not allowed for the tweets, I was upset. Because I wanted to write down the facts quickly first and then edit my errors.

I learned that writing posts on SNS is not an easy task. Since social networking is part of our lives nowadays, I thought managing and writing on it would be an easy task for workers in the field. However, after I finish this assignment, I realized that it is difficult to be a writer using third-person writing when you need to write about something that relates to you. Even though I tried my best keep writing in the third-person and have objectivity in my tweets, I noticed that my tweets are mostly about how the UW players did during the game while I was reading the posts. I wish I could be more objective toward reporting, and be more third-person to report the game.

Through this assignment, I figured out some good and bad things about Twitter. Even though I was upset that I cannot edit the post once I upload them, I found out that Twitter is useful for short, simple but important messages. Since the limitation on words counts, I tended and tried to write necessary things for the post. For my future usage of social networking will practice being simple and short, but at the same time, informative.

Blog Post #8: Nike and Reebok, Social Media

This assignment was to compare the way of managing their social media of each company; Nike and Reebok. I chose Nike and Reebok to compare because I like the designs of shoes by Reebok. However, since my mom loves the quality of the products by Nike, we always argue each other when we go out to buy running shoes together. Because of that, I liked to watch the products of them on their social media platforms. I enjoy reading the comments on the posts. However, since I only looked up Korean accounts always, it was my first time to see the American social media.


A screen shot of Facebook account of Nike. Retrieved from
A screen shot of Facebook account of Nike. Retrieved from


Both of the brands were using all of the social media except Snapchat. Nike uploaded same pictures and videos on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Also, the uploaded videos were mostly without the captions or words. Because of that, it is not useful for the people who do not or cannot listen to the video. Unlike those three social media, LinkedIn had a lot of posts mainly about the recruitment. Also, on the Pinterest, it was easier than other social media to see the pictures of the products because it is organized into a group of pictures of new collection of each year. Similar to Nike, Reebok categorize the products which is helpful to find what you are interested in on Pinterest. However, unlike Nike, LinkedIn accounts of Reebok post more regularly than that of Nike. Also, the contents of the posts are different from Nike. Reebok posts are mainly about the useful information for physical and mental health which match up with the company’s value. Furthermore, Twitter is the most updated social media of Reebok. Instagram of Reebok also advertise their products not by plainly selling the product but by updating pictures of the people who are using or wearing their products with the company’s slogan or good phrases.


A screen shot of Facebook account of Reebok. Retrieved from
A screen shot of Facebook account of Reebok. Retrieved from



Both companies’ branding message presences were consistence across social media platforms. The pictures and video that are posted on the social media were same across the social media of the company. However, Reebok manage each of the platforms little bit differently to one another, for example, they upload the post most often and regularly on Twitter because people consume the messages on Twitter instantly and often.

Even though those two brands’ ways of managing their social media accounts is different, the purpose of their existence is similar. They want to promote their new products, want to have good images of their company, and also looking for people who would work for their company.

I think both of the company are good at managing their social media platforms. However, I believe Reebok is better on managing the social media platform. According to the article called Winning Social Media Strategies For Public Relations, the posts on the social media of both company are brief and not boring. Also, like the posts on Reebok’s LinkedIn, the posts are newsworthy, which is emphasized in the same article. The posts on LinkedIn of Reebok are mainly about the useful information about the mental and physical health. Also, Twitter account of Reebok is trend focused. That is, according to the article called 7 Characteristics of a Successful Social Media Presence, “ability to make use of the latest trends for staying relevant,” is important for the trend focused social media. By posting regularly and often, the company can see the responses of the customers more easily and more often.

To have better social media managing, I would like to advise to Nike. First of all, I would like to say that they should produce the video that can be also useful without audio. According to the article called 10 Ways to Increase Your Facebook Engagement, it is important to “design video for viewing with the sound off.” The promotion video has to be useful for all the customers who are watching the video. Therefore, the video also has to be useful for the people who are in certain situations so cannot listen to the video. Also, as Reebok did with their platforms, Nike also has to know the characteristics of each platforms and apply different strategy for each social media. For example, Reebok knew that the posts on the Twitter consumed instantly and fast by the consumers so they often on Twitter; according to my observation, they sometimes upload 5 to 6 posts per day. The last thing that I would like to recommend is to use Facebook live regularly. According to the article called 10 Ways to Increase Your Facebook Engagement, it is recommended. However, unlike Reebok does, Nike rarely upload the Facebook live on their page. Since I also see the impact of the Facebook live these days, I believe it will be helpful for their PR and advertising.

This assignment reminds me of the guest speakers who were the social management panels. Through the assignment, I found out that their emphasis on the importance of the pictures and the posts on social media. Since I learned the importance of those two, I thought it is the natural for all the social media posts, so I did not even notice that is the thing to observe carefully. That is, since importance of those two are so basic things for managing the social media, the two company provided brief and interesting captions for the pictures, and they also provided eye-catching photos of their products. The most interesting thing that I learned from the guest speakers were the way how they manage with negative comments on their social media. It is impossible to avoid the critique or sometimes just negative comments when we manage social media platforms. It was interesting to listen that we need to deal with those negative comments through the private connection to the commenters.

Blog Post #7: Audio Editing-McKay Interview

After doing the interview, I worried about the editing part of the assignment. The interview was full of answers by the interviewee, so I worried which part should I cut out. I kept listening to the recorded interview again and again to figure out which part should I focus on and edit the file to emphasize that part. For me, it was impressive to listen about how Project Healing Water helps dismissed veterans. Therefore, I decided to emphasize that part by editing the file.

I really enjoyed operating Audacity. It was interesting to see the frequency of the file and to see where the words start and end on the sound wave. However, it was little bit difficult to see the right moment where the one word starts clearly and where the word ends clearly. Furthermore, since the interview went like a normal conversation, some sentences were not complete. Also, McKay paused a few times; I tried to cut the pauses out between those words to make sure my audio file would only be two minutes.

I am surprised that the program is so handy, and it is also surprising that it is easy to edit audio files. Since I know the short cut keys for copying, pasting, deleting, or cutting etc., it was even easier for me to manipulate and edit the audio file.

The editing went well, and it did not really take a long time for me to do it. I think it was because the interview went well previously, and I knew about the contents of the interview well. Since I knew where to cut out and where to save as an edited version, it took me a short time to edit it. I really enjoyed the editing part of this assignment. However, if I could do anything different on this assignment, I would like to make little bit longer edition of this interview to add more details about Project Healing Water. 

Blog Post #6: Raw Material

I interviewed McKay Fleck for this assignment. She was dismissed from the U.S. Army few years ago. The interview was about a project, called Project Healing Water, where she is involved in as a volunteer. The interview went well. I asked every question that I prepared, and the answers from McKay were detailed. However, conducting the interview with audio recorder was little bit difficult. I had to care about the distracting sounds that I made, and I needed to think of next questions to ask. At the same time, I had to listen to the interviewee. Furthermore, as an interviewee with the audio recorder made me feel nervous. Since my native language is not English, I was nervous about making mistakes and the fact that the mistakes could be recorded. Also, to make the interview on the right amount of time, it was difficult for me to improvise sentences.

I really enjoyed the interview with McKay because the interview went well and the atmosphere was comfortable. Also, her topic and the interview were good and interesting. However, it was difficult for me not to make comments when she talked. Because the way I talk in English was learned after I came here, and I was taught that making eye contact with others and saying “uh-huh” was the best way to show my interest, it was unfamiliar for me to not say filler words during the conversation with an American.

The thing that I wanted to change with my interview is that I wish I could ask some more improvised questions. Only my last question was an improvised one. Other than that, I only asked the questions that were prepared before the interview. I believe it is because I am still not comfortable speaking English. I wish I could be more comfortable with it, so I could ask more questions and learn more about the interviewee’s topic.

Blog Post #5: Photojournalism

Jump – Jacob Marquez jumps to make a dunk on Sunday morning at the Half Acre Gym on the UW campus. Jacob plays basketball for an hour and half on average for fun.

On Sunday morning, I went to the Half Acre Gym on campus to capture the people who work out. The first place I went to was the basketball court. Because basketball involves a lot of movements, it was difficult for me to capture one best shot. However, the most difficult part of the assignment was to go talk to a stranger and to explain about the assignment. Because he was the only one in the basketball court in that time, it was obvious that I was going to take his pictures. So, I explained him about the assignment and he understood. I used rule of third as my creative device. The guy is in middle column of the picture so the viewer could focus on him. I really like this shot because the dynamic movement of him is shown well in this picture.

Work Out Alone – Adam Shipley runs on a treadmill on Sunday morning at the Half Acre Gym on the UW campus. He enjoys treadmill workout with a high level of running speed to develop his physical strength.

On the same Sunday, I saw this guy on the second floor of the gym. I pretended like I was working out by myself so he would not notice me. Then, I took his picture. Because he was working out with listening to music, he did not notice me taking pictures, but the other girls walking down the stairs stared at me strangely. I went to talk to him about my assignment and showed my pictures to him to get his name and understand. To capture his movement was easier than that of Jacob because running was repetitive movement. The creative device that I used for this picture was contrast. The light from outside made this shot have the silhouette, so the viewer can focus on the guy on the treadmill.

Highlight – Linze Du, a transfer student of the UW, studies about physical science for her undergraduate research on Monday night at the Coe library. She prepares a presentation for her research.

I found this student from the Coe library’s computer lab where I study usually. This student was studying really hard so I wanted to take some pictures of her. However, she noticed that I tried to take pictures of her before I start to take it. So, I asked her first about my assignment and asked her to ignore me. However, once she found out I was taking picture of her, her pose was unnatural. Therefore, I decided to take pictures of her right hand. Then, she was not nervous anymore and she started to study again as I found her the first time. The creative device that I used for this picture is cropping. By taking the hand writing something down, I think it helped the viewer to notice and understand easily of what is the person in the picture is doing.

Stressful – Sarah White, a nursing major student, studies for her exam on Monday evening at the Coe library. She rats her hairs because of the stressful materials to study.

I was on the fifth floor of the Coe library to look up the books I needed. I was walking down the stairs and found out the stair handle next to the window. At first I just passed it without thinking, but suddenly I wanted to make the handle to frame my picture. Furthermore, I found out the student who studied hard. It looked like she was stressed and studied hard. Also, because of the dark color of the frame, her stress level seems emphasized in the picture. The creative device that I used for this picture is framing. I believe the frame emphasized the stress of her well.


Homecoming Weekend – The University of Wyoming marching band at Roxie’s on Grand Friday night celebrates Homecoming weekend by playing “Ragtime Cowboy Joe.”

It was Friday night of Homecoming week. I was with my friends to celebrate my birthday. Suddenly, this marching band came into the bar and performed several songs including Ragtime Cowboy Joe. Everyone in the bar follows the song, and sang the song out loud. They all looked happy and excited, also enjoying the happy mood in there. It was difficult to catch the right and best moment of the band’s performance, because they moved a lot while they were performing. Also, it was inside of the bar, the light in the place made it difficult to take pictures of moving people. From almost every picture, the light seemed blurry, so the picture itself looked blurred. However, I was glad to take this picture and captured this moment, because all the people in the bar looked excited and the picture that I took seems like it caught the right moment. The creative device that I used for this picture is the symmetry and color. The way the people in the picture stood is symmetry. Also, the picture looks colorful.

By doing this assignment, I figured out that it is difficult to take pictures of something that has moves. The movement of the object makes the picture blurry. Also, it was difficult to know the right time press the button on the camera. If I would have another chance to take pictures of something that is moving such as sports action, I would like to move around the game more actively to catch better angles, and I would like to learn the right time for pressing the button on the camera.

Blog Post #4: Creative Devices


Leaves Changing

Leaves on trees are changing their colors from green to yellow. Autumn comes to the UW campus with beautiful colors of leaves on Prexi’s Pasture outside of The Union.
Leaves on trees are changing their colors from green to yellow. Autumn comes to the UW campus with beautiful colors of leaves on Prexi’s Pasture outside of The Union.

The dominant creative device for the picture is “color”. The various colors in the picture draws the attention of the viewers. Especially all the different colors of the trees are the most intriguing factor of the picture. Also, because the colors in the picture are yellow, green, and blue which are in similar color families, there is a unification in the picture.


A Yellowish Path

One of the ways to get to the Wyoming Union on the UW campus. It is surrounded by many trees that have all different colors of leaves.
One of the ways to get to the Wyoming Union on the UW campus. It is surrounded by many trees that have all different colors of leaves.

The dominant creative device of this picture is “leading lines”. The path to the Wyoming Union makes the viewer follow the line to enjoy the picture. Also, the trees in the end of the path makes the “framing” for the picture, so the path itself is emphasized and make the viewer focus on it.

Light and Dark

A coexistence of the brightness and darkness up in the sky. The view of the sky on September 21st, 2016. The sun’s flash comes out through the cloudy clouds.
A coexistence of the brightness and darkness up in the sky. The view of the sky on September 21st, 2016. The sun’s flash comes out through the cloudy clouds.

The dominant creative device of the picture is “contrast”. The division and the difference of the color and the lightness in this picture is clear. The light on the left side and darkness on the right side makes the clear contrast to each other, which intrigues the viewers to the picture.


A purple bloom in front of the Classroom Building on the UW campus. The autumn is coming to campus, so these purples will be missed.
A purple bloom in front of the Classroom Building on the UW campus. The autumn is coming to the UW campus, so these purples will be missed.

The dominant creative device of the picture is “cropping”. By not taking the entire flower bed, I only took the part of the flower bed to emphasize the flower itself. Also, since I took the part of it, the viewers also can feel the “texture” of the flower. The lines in the petal makes the viewers want to imagine the texture of it. Also the vivid “color” of the flower makes the picture interesting.


A view from 3rd floor of the Coe library toward the Half Acre Gym. The reflection of the view is from the small table near to the window on 3rd floor computer lab in the Coe library.
A view from 3rd floor of the Coe library toward the Half Acre Gym. The reflection of the view is from the small table near to the window on 3rd floor computer lab in the Coe library.

The main creative device of this picture is the “rule of third”, because the trees that are reflected on the table were fit into the imaginative boxes that are made by 2 vertical and 2 horizontal lines in the picture. Also, since the reflected colors are different from the original figures due to the black color of the small table, it gives diverse “colors” to the picture. Also, the “viewpoint” of the lens was different from what people usually see this view, it is interesting pictures for the viewers.

By doing this assignment and looking through my outputs, I realized that I limit myself when I am taking pictures. That is, I only take pictures of natural sights, something that is familiar for me, or simple objects that I always can see in my daily life. I did not think of taking pictures of people in public or activities that are not involved in my life. So if I could have a chance to take more pictures, I would like to take pictures of something or someone that is moving. I would like to take pictures of movements. Also, I would like to take some photos of the public so I could observe what other people are doing in public.

Blog Post #3: The Tension In the Korean Peninsula

“I was really curious how the American students would learn about the history of the Korean War,” said Oliver Jang. Jang is a Korean student who really cares about Korean politics even though he is currently in the U.S. and studies abroad. He is now an accounting major in the University of Wyoming, and studied at Stevens High School in South Dakota for a year as a senior in high school.

“I was surprised because of the amount of the text about the This map shows the 38th parallel where North and South Korea are divided.
This map shows the 38th parallel where North and South Korea are divided. This image was retrieved from

Korean War from the textbook. It was just about a paragraph with 4 or 5 sentences which explained about the war,” said Jang. Because he believes that the war and the Korean peninsula are the only symbols of the Cold War left in the world, he said he was disappointed with the weak emphasis on the Korean War in the American education.


  • How American knows about Korea

“I think Americans know very little about Korea, I mean the average American,” said Dr. Brose. Dr. Brose teaches the History of the Koreas in the 20-21st Centuries at the University of Wyoming. He said average Americans generally pay attention to North Korean when it comes to the nuclear issues, but it really does not mean anything to them because it is too far away from their country.

Because there are a lot of casualties and a long duration of the state of the war, the importance of understanding the Vietnam War is important in the U.S. society. McKay Fleck is a Agricultural Communication major student in the University of Wyoming, and she believes that the average American students would not be aware of Korea well.

“I don’t know much about the Korean War because it is not taught in schools, people don’t talk about it, it wasn’t in the news, there’s not a lot of archives on it” said Fleck. She was not sure of why American education does not emphasize the history of the Korean War, but she was sure that the amount of the part that covers the history of the Korean War was really short and less emphasized.

  • Why Americans Need to Know about Two Koreas

When he was asked how he approaches when he teaches about the involve of the U.S. in the division of the Korean peninsula, Dr. Brose said “I treat America’s role part of the wider geopolitical set of issues. America was involved because of the Cold War and because of the end of the World War II. You have to understand that the Korean peninsula and certainly the post war situation of the Korean peninsula direct result of the Cold War,”

Kim Jongun is the current leader of North Korea. This image was retrieved from

Dr. Brose also said “It is the last place on Earth where you see the Cold War, the classic Cold War divide still exists,” He said that it is very important for Americans to understand the other countries’ historical backgrounds to have good diplomatic relations with other countries.

After the young leader Kim Jongun took its country’s regime, North Korea kept raising the tension in the international society. One of the way of raising the tension not only in the Korean peninsula but the whole international society, North Korea is working on testing the nuclear power.

  • North Korea and Nuclear Power

“North Korea wants to maintain its independence, autonomy as a state,” said Dr. Brose. He believes that the country’s aggressiveness is due to their belief that the nuclear power is the only option that is left that gives them power.

However, even though their aggressiveness is serious problem of the global society, it is hard for international society to restrict their aggressiveness. To explain the reason of the difficulties, Dr. Seitz said “North Korea is a sovereign state, so it has rights. The international community is not supposed to interfere its internal affairs. We don’t have a right to attack them and destroy their capabilities.” Seitz teaches Governments and Politics of Asia in the University of Wyoming.

Although both of the professors admit the dangerousness of North Korea’s nuclear power, they said the U.S. government would not agree with South Korea possessing their own nuclear power.

“It might be an answer if there was no longer guarantee of the U.S. military help,” said Dr. Brose. “Having your own nuclear weapon will not decrease of threats from the North.” In a similar vein, Dr. Seitz said that the possession of nuclear power would be nothing but the beginning of the arms race  between two Koreas.

  • Peaceful Conclusion in the Korean Peninsula

Dr. Brose and Dr. Seitz claimed that the U.S. government might want the peaceful conclusion in the Korean peninsula. At the same time, they mentioned that it is not only the hope of the U.S., but the hope of the international society. Both of the professors supposed that Chinese perspective would be the same with the perspective of the global society.

“China would be very unhappy with large scale military U.S. operation close to their boarders,” said Dr. Seitz. He said that since China worries about the damage they would have if there was a big war between the U.S. and North Korea or developing of nuclear weapons by South Korea, they would not want violent actions occurring in the Korean peninsula.

“Chinese do not want to have a complete blockade with North Korea,” said Dr. Brose. According to him, if North Korea fall apart, the population of the country would suffer from a lot of problems like famine, which could trigger the war within the border line between North Korea and China. Therefore, China would not want the violent actions occurring in the Korean peninsula.

Furthermore, the professors are not sure when will it be but they supposed that the end of the tension in the Korean peninsula will be the peaceful reunification of the countries. However, when it comes to the reunification, two things are important: on whose terms and whether will it be the soft landing or hard landing.

  • Future of Two Koreas

“In South Korea, it is very sensitive to talk in public about their political opinion. I believe the older generation who suffered the dictatorship when they were young suppressed the younger generation’s chance of talking their political opinion publically. I believe that becomes a Korean political culture, so people avoid talking about their political perspectives in public, even with their friends,” said Jang. “However, I think the political rights are given privilege to the citizens of the democratic society, and if we give up those rights, we will repeat the mistakes we already made in the past. Therefore, we, Koreans, need to know our own history and share the variety of political values to make the society better before seeking other countries attention to our country’s political issues.”

Since two Koreas is the last place on Earth where you see the classic Cold War divide still exists, understanding the history and the concerns of what is happening in the peninsula are needed by not only the U.S., but also international society as a whole.

Blog Post #2: Usability Test

The multimedia presentation that I explored is about the deforestation in the Amazon. The order that I read through the content is the order that the producer of it set for the readers. I believe that there is a reason that the producer who created the content has a reason for the settings of the contents order. Also, since I am used to reading print news stories a lot, I am familiar with reading through the order that the creator set.

The first impression that I had of this presentation was that it looked interesting. I believe this is because of the vivid and clear visual aids it has, since the visual aids are the first thing that affects the readers’ decision whether they are going to read the contents or not. This presentation is well organized, so it was easy to follow. Because the font color is appropriate for each background images, it is clear to read. At the same time, since the color of the font is balanced well with the background images, it is not distractive to understand the meanings of the background images. Because there are only a few colors, light green and white, the whole presentation is unified. The light green color helps me to visualize the Amazon and its forest.

One last impressive thing that I realized from the presentation is the way of summarizing each category. There are some quotations that are from people who are related to each category, which I believe are really helpful for the readers to follow and wrap up the contents that they just finished reading.

However, there were few things that I had some problem with in this presentation. First of all, from the very first page of the slide, I was confused with the way to start navigating the contents. Because the triangle which faces down to the screen looks like I need to click it to move on to the next slide, I kept clicking the triangle button. However, the way of moving on to next slides was just scrolling down the mouse or pressing the down button on a keyboard. It took me few seconds to figure out how to navigate it. I think it was a little bit inconvenient.

Also, when each category starts, there were few slides that were without background images, but only with white texts on black background. I believe the contrast of the text color and background color is good to read but the gap between each line was too narrow for readers to read easily. Also, the text was written in bold with white color, which made my eyes feel tired. Furthermore, the texts were sometimes too long which made it looks like paragraphs from the articles, so it made me lose my interest on the slides. Also the texts within the video under the category of “The Amazon and Climate” appeared and disappeared too fast for me to read and understand the content. For me, the texts were already gone before I finish reading them.

It was easy to find out the creator or the producer of the presentation because it was right under the list of the content with the “credits” button. It was easy to know that the button would show the creator or the producer of the presentation.

After I finished my usability test, I asked my friend to do the same test on the same presentation. In the first 10 minutes, I observed how she explored the contents and how she felt about the presentation. First of all, she saw the menu bar which showed the categories of the contents of the presentations, and then she clicked every category before she read through the whole contents. She read through the contents in the original order that was exactly same that I did. She said the overall impression of the presentation is interesting because she did not know how to apply that variety of media into the presentation, such as emphasizing some parts of the background images or use of the video as the background. She said she really enjoyed exploring the contents.

However, unlike my experience, she had hard time on finding the creators of the presentation. It took a few minutes for her to find the “credit” button to look up the creators. What she said about it was that she couldn’t find it because the font size was too small to recognize.

Other than taking time to find out the producer, the way of exploring the presentation and how we felt about the presentation were pretty similar. We both liked how the background images and videos moved and that they help the reader to focus on the contents. Also, just like what I did, she had hard time on finding the way to scroll down to move on to the next slides. She also thought she needed to click the triangle from the first page to move on.

The three things that I liked about the presentation were the well balanced text colors, which were helpful to unify the whole contents, quotations that were used to summarize the slides, and the background images and videos which served the right role for the presentation. However, the three things that I would like to make changes on the presentation were the inconvenience with the navigation, the narrow gaps between lines in long texts, and the time setting for the moving texts within the video.

To reduce the confusion on the navigation of the presentation, I would like to add the caption that says “scroll down” or “press the down button on keyboards” which would helpful for the readers not to be confused with clicking the triangle on the screen. Then, for the line gaps, I would change the settings for the line gaps of the texts and if I can, I would summarize some long texts to reduce the tiredness of the readers’ eyes. Finally, for the moving texts within the video, I would change the time setting of the text to make it easier for all the readers to finish reading before the text disappears.